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Posted by Rishil Babu

Hi Friends,

This is Rishil. The author of this 'TodaysManager' Blog. A Blog that would help take you to the next level of your career.

At TodaysManager we bring you easy techniques and tools which would help to enhance your managerial skills. We strongly believe in best practice sharing and sharing these management techniques would help achieve your management and career objectives.

Our key USPs.
All our blog articles are very crisp and to the point. These are not elaborate theory material.
We try to provide as much video material for better understanding.
All blog material are free and can be freely shared to others.

In all our articles we take care not to deep dive in to intense theroy, as this looses the effectiveness on practical implementation. In depth details on all techniques are freely available on the web or this could be shared to you on a simple email request to me.

Why read this blog ?
As a manager, you're responsible for the results that your team produces. These results are nothing more than the aggregated behaviors of everyone who works for you. So its very much essential for an effective manager to be equipped with skills, techniques and tools to influence others behaviors for a better result. 'TodaysManager' Blog provides just those tools.

It's simple, direct, and easy to learn. Managers who adopt these tools and techniques get more effective results from their teams.

Our Aim.
Our aims to be a 'must read blog' for Today's Managers. We bring you articles on various categories like Effective Communication, Change Management, Problem Solving, Team Motivation etc...

So happy reading...


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1 Responses to About TodaysManager Blog

  1. Alexis Storm Says:
  2. hi there
    there's a magazine that's been around for more than 15 years called Today's Manager.

    Are you the same? if not, how come you're using this name?


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