How to handle unmotivated employees

Posted by Rishil Babu

As a manager you surely might have come across employees who least care, or is highly unmotivated, ever analyzed why is the individual so unmotivated ?

Here is a small video of an unmotivated employee..

Generally managers conclude on the motivation level of a person basis the quality of that person's performance: poor performance means lack of motivation. But the fact is, this analysis is not completely correct. There are various factors to be analyzed before concluding on the motivation level of an employee.

Poor performance of the employee could be for various reason as well.. like

a. The employee doesn’t understand the expectations for performance

b. The employee doesn’t have the time or resources to do the job properly
c. The employee doesn’t have the time skills to meet the expectations
or d. The employee is capable of meeting expectations but isn’t motivated to do so

In one of the previous article i have shared the six hidden motivators in an individual, which could help you analyze and take action. There is one basic aspect which is to the core of motivation.. That is PASSION. Successful people around the world have always said "Passion is Fuel".

So when it comes to dealing with unmotivated or demotivated employees, the solution is to use the six hidden motivator method to find the reason behind and try to generate a positive emotional energy. An energized motivated employee could deliver high performance for you and your organization.

So remember "Passion is Fuel". Here is a quick video explaining the same.

Simple appreciation breaks mental block of unmotivated employees...It doesn't cost much to managers just to pep up their peers but goes a long way to keep the employee charged up.

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