What do you mean by Micromanager ? Simply put, a manager who is constantly hovering over its employees or team, repeatedly calling over, checking upon the status of the project/task.

MicroManagers has perfectly positive attributes - an attention to detail and a hands-on attitude - but all to the extreme. A Manager becomes a MicroManager either because he is control obsessed, or because he feels driven to push everyone around him to success.

Here is an example of a micromanager boss.. Does this happen to you ?

Signs of MicroManager, in general they

* Resist delegating for tasks to he subordinates
* Immerse themselves in overseeing the projects of others.
* Start by correcting tiny details instead of looking at the big picture
* Take back delegated work before it is finished if they find a mistake in it; and
* Discourage others from making decisions of their own without consulting them.

So now you know for yourself if you or your boss is a MicroManager...

Pitfalls of MicroManager...
If a manager is a micro manager, then its employee's life can be a seemingly endless misery of humiliation and frustration. Employees feel trapped and greatly stressed out when they’re over-managed.

A Micromanager also creates a barrier between himself and the employees and this also creates distrust in the work environment. Here is a video explaining the pitfalls of Micromanagement.

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