An expectation is a mental prediction of what will happen in the future. Every employee in any organisation has certain expectation and some of these expectations could also be the key motivator for the individual.

If what actually happen matches or exceeds employees expectation we experience positive emotions such as satisfaction, joy, surprise, or gratification. If, on the other hand, what occurs is different from what an employee expected or is less than what we expected, we experience negative emotions such as disappointment, anger, or frustration.

If you are in a people management role, managing expectations of your team members along with managing expectation of your superiors plays a important role. By focusing on the earlier one you can be really sure of delivering on the later.

One of the key expectations is Promotions within the organisation.
Unrealistic Employee Expectations for Rapid Promotions : If you have some potentials individuals who has a strong expectations on promotions, to preserve their commitment and motivation these individuals need a clearly defined career development plan from your end. A positive step would be to acknowledge and recognize his/her ability, and communicate that they have potential to move up through the ranks—but at a steady pace as their skills and experience develop. A good career development plan when shared with the potential individual is a work towards the employees taking responsibility for their own professional development.

A good career development plan needs to expose the individual to the challenges he would come across in his future role. This also keeps the focus of the individual on developing the skills they need to move up through the ranks.

Remember : Expectations are – simply put – the building blocks and the breaking points of everything in life.

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