Whats the difference between treating symptoms and curing a medical condition ? Taking painkillers is curing the symptoms and taking proper medicines is curing a medical condition.

Now this in real life, but when you have a problem at work, how do you approach it? Do you treat the symptoms? Or do you actually deep dive ?

If you focus to only fix the symptoms – the problem will almost certainly happen again... which will lead you to fix it, again, and again.

If, instead, you look deeper to figure out why the problem is occurring, you can fix the underlying systems or processes that cause the problem in the first place.

Step One:  Define the Problem
Step Two:  Collect Data
Step Three: Drill Down using 5 Whys
Step Four: Identify the Root Cause(s)
Step Five: Recommend and Implement Solutions

Root Cause Analysis is an essential way to perform a comprehensive, system-wide review to find and eliminate the cause of the problem or eliminate factors leading to the problem.

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