Some managers or supervisor feels showing appreciation undermines their authority. Some feel that its not necessary, since the employee is merely doing their job and they don't have the time appreciate or reward them. Sometime the supervisor feels by appreciating some of the employees, it would stir
up jealousy in other members of the team. The most successful leaders are those who recognise and reward their team's efforts. This not only builds trust mutually, but also strengthens the loyalty as well. The best and simple way is to thank an employee. Just make sure you're sincere about why you thank people.

If you want to follow this, here are three important tips or guidelines you should remember when you 'thank' your people.

1. Be specific – Every time you praise a member in your team, be specific about what he did to deserve the recognition. If you say, "he did a great job yesterday!" then that's not only vague, but it may cause jealousy from other team members. Since everyone feel's they all are doing a great job. This could also give raise to thoughts of biased, etc. So being specific not only makes the person you recognise feel better, it also lets the whole team know that you're paying attention. So, detail exactly what the member did and why it made a difference.

2. Be consistent – Consistency is very vital. If you praise during the first month, and then skip the next month entirely, your team will wonder what's going on. Creating a culture of recognition is important – so once you start, make sure you continue. You could start with small steps.

3. Personalise the message - The appreciation needs to be sincere and heartfelt, hence no point is just a passing a note, try to personalise the message, sign the message, you could get acknowledgement by other leaders who too feel the same.

Remember a leader need to say "thank you" regularly. Your team members will likely work much harder if they feel that what they're doing really makes a difference, and that their efforts are noticed by those with "authority."

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