Do you have to do everything yourself?

Well, there are only limited things you could do in limited time, however hard you work there are only so many tasks you can complete in limited working hours. Most managers don't know how to delegate. That's not really surprising, because no one ever delegated anything to them.

Assigning work to others is an integral part of getting things done efficiently. Effective delegation is actually also crucial for effective succession. The logic is simple – if they are able to rope in more brains and bodies to do the tasks, they are able to get more things done within the same time frame.

Here i have shared some more insight on the aspect of Effective Delegation. You could download the free PDF copy from here. Or

Download Link 1 - via Ziddu
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Or watch the video below which is a Leader's Guide to Delegating

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  1. Bidisha Says:
  2. Nice video and nice concept on effective delegation


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