Meetings are generally unpopular as they take up lot of time-- and usually time of many people. However meetings can be productive when they are well-run. Below i am sharing the 3 golden rules that would help you to conduct an effective meeting. The PAT-CAM method can be very useful.

1. The PAT approach : PAT stands for Purpose, an Agenda and a Timeframe. One should be able to very clearly define the PAT for a meeting before planning a meeting. This should be the guiding factor for any meeting. If you do not have a PAT, suggest not to call a meet in the first place. In some case if required share the Agenda to the participants in advance so that they are in the right mind set when attending the meet.

2. Right people & Time allocation : Take some time to ensure you call the right people for the meeting based on the Purpose and Agenda. A meeting is of no use if you discuss you agenda to the wrong guys. Secondly meeting time play a very important factor for an effecting meeting out come. Very prolonged meet or a very brief meet might not yield the desired result.

3. The CAM approach : CAM stands for Conclusions, Action on and Minutes to all. Wrap up the meetings with a clear statements summarising the key points of the meeting discussion. This summary help everyone to be focused on specific points/areas. This summary could also mention the Action On points. Action on - points is nothing where one has allocated some action points on some participants. The Action On summary helps the individual to be alert on the next step action required at his end.

Sharing of minutes of the meeting is also very crucial for and effective meeting. Ensure to document the key points discussed, conclusions and the action on points as the minutes of meeting and then share the same to all the participants as soon as possible.

I believe if you follow this 3 golden rules, all you meeting would be effective and productive..

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