If your have been recently promoted as a manager or if you are looking forward to become a manager very soon, its important you make yourself aware of some key tips to be successful as a first time manager.

When you move from an individual contributor role to a management role you have great opportunity in your hands. Supervising people is all about clarity, relationships, communication and focus. Here I would like to share you 5 important tips for first time managers , that one could follow to be successful

1. Knowing the myths and misconception of a Manager Role - Knowledge
2. Setting up clear Team Goals and communicating  - Clarity
3. Tracking Performance and Giving Feedback - Communication
4. Creating allies at workplace - Relationship
5. Be motivated and Keep Motivating  - Focus

In my next article i will briefly explain each of these tips for a new manager. Hoping these act as tips to be a great manager. 

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