In my previous article i had written about some of the most difficult questions that one can face in an interview. In response to this article i had received questions on salary negotiation during an interview, so thought of sharing some do's and must do's and don't on salary negotiations during an interview.

Salary compensation is an very important factor, infact in many cases it could be the sole factor in the decision making process. So when participating an interview one has be really prepared in all sense to achieve the financial objective.

Remember when you looking at your compensation goal the employer's position is that your pay would based on the relative value you bring to the new organization and the current market rate for the job you're doing. So ensure to do some research on your industry standard compensations, by this you could actually know your net worth.

On an interview one can face questions like below...
What is your salary requirement? Or We are prepared to offer you X amount for salary, will you accept this offer ? So be prepared to handle these kinds of questions.

Some sample answers could be.. It is my understanding that the pay range for this position could be between XXK-XXK. Due to my experience and qualifications I would be comfortable within a range of XXK - XXK.
The negotiation itself is a careful exploration of your position and the other person’s position, with the goal of finding a mutually acceptable line.

For more tips on salary negotiation and the dos and don'ts, download the pdf material from the below links.
Link 1 (via Ziddu)
Link 2 (via easy-share)

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